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The Ultimate Guide to Carpet Cleaning in Perth

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Different types of carpet fibres

In Western Australian home’s the variety of carpet fibres is as diverse as it is unique, catering to a wide range of preferences. From wool, nylon, polyester, polypropylene and, you might occasionally encounter rare blends, like nylon and viscose.

Understanding this variety is critical for achieving the best cleaning results. Each fibre type demands a unique approach. This is where general advice, like the ‘one method fits all’ approach commonly seen on platforms like YouTube and TikTok, falls short. Such methods might suffice for the predominantly synthetic carpets in America, but they don’t quite align with the diverse fibre landscape we see in Perth, Western Australia.

Recognising the specific requirements of each fibre type is essential to ensure your carpets not only get clean right but also retain their integrity and appearance for years to come.

Common Perth carpet stains and their treatments

Carpeting Cleaning Association WA

For comprehensive guidance on carpet stain treatment, the Carpet Cleaning Association of Western Australia (CCAWA) provides a detailed carpet care chart.

Victoria Carpets

Additionally, Victoria Carpets (Australian carpet manufacturer) offers an array of Spot Guard advice charts, tailored to different types of carpets and stains on materials like wool, polyester, and nylon.

The importance of professional carpet cleaning in Perth

When it comes to keeping your carpets in good condition, the benefits of employing a qualified professional for carpet cleaning are unparalleled. Opting for a qualified professional ensures that your carpets receive the deep clean they need, far beyond what standard cleaning can achieve.

A qualified carpet cleaning professional possess the expertise to accurately recognise different carpet types and materials, ensuring the best possible results for both the carpet fibres and the thorough removal of soil. They are also equipped with advanced, professional-grade equipment, far superior to what standard consumer models can offer.

This high level of care, provided only by a qualified professional, not only enhances the appearance of your carpets but also significantly improves the health of your home by effectively eliminating allergens and preserving your carpet as a valuable investment. Additionally, choosing a professional save you considerable time and effort.

The difference is clear and tangible: We’ve heard many stories of people opting for rental machines instead of professional services, only to face numerous hassles and complaints. This common experience underscores why the expertise of a qualified professional is crucial.

DIY VS professional carpet cleaning: A comparative analysis

Before the current owner bought into Steamwest Carpet Cleaning, they conducted a comparison between DIY and professional carpet cleaning methods. This test quickly highlighted the limitations of rented equipment with its chemistry, absence of heated, inadequate dwell time, and lack of agitation, all essential for effective cleaning.

The professional equipment, in contrast, clearly outperformed by extracting a substantial amount of dirt that the DIY method had missed. Beyond the massive differences in cleaning results, the experience of renting equipment itself, with its logistical challenges from paperwork to physical exertion and deposits, was needlessly complex.

This direct comparison was instrumental in affirming the decision to invest in a business that upholds these vital cleaning principles and providing a more convenient solution to cleaning your carpets, tiles, and upholstery.

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How often should you clean your carpets?

Maintaining a clean and healthy home environment heavily relies on regular professional carpet cleaning. While carpet manufacturers typically recommend professional cleaning annually, the actual frequency can vary depending on your lifestyle. For instance, homes with kids and pets might need their carpets cleaned more often, about every 6 to 12 months. Households with fewer occupants or less foot traffic might only require professional cleaning every 12 to 24 months.

Your lifestyle plays a significant role in determining your carpet’s cleaning needs. Factors like frequent social gatherings, everyday spills, pet activities, areas with high foot traffic, and local environmental conditions such as dust levels can all influence how often you should have your carpets professionally cleaned.

The environmental impact of carpet cleaning in Perth

While carpet cleaning is essential for a hygienic living space, it’s important to acknowledge its potential environmental impacts when not conducted responsibly. The use of chemical cleaning agents, if not chosen and handled properly, can pose risks to water and soil health.

This is where the role of trained and qualified professionals becomes crucial. By employing eco-friendly cleaning solutions and methods, they significantly reduce the risk of environmental harm. Additionally, professionals are adept at using water efficiently.

It’s also important to follow the correct practices in waste disposal set by your local shire, ensuring that materials are recycled or disposed of in an environmentally conscious manner. Thus, while there are environmental considerations in carpet cleaning, the expertise of a qualified, trained professional plays a key role in mitigating these concerns, ensuring that carpet cleaning is not only effective but also environmentally responsible.

Techniques for pet owners: Removing odours and stains

urine on wool carpet
Health and Safety Measures: 

When treating pet stains, it’s crucial to prioritise health and safety. This includes wearing nitrile gloves both when handling the contaminant and while dealing with any cleaning agents. 

Urgency in treating pet urine stains:

Understanding the urgency of addressing pet stains, especially urine, is crucial for maintaining wool carpets. Fresh urine is acidic and easier to manage, and a basic cleaning solution is effective for most carpets. Please see the solution below.

Challenges of delayed action:

If action is delayed, urine becomes alkaline, complicating removal and leading to a strong ammonia odour. Household products often fall short in treating these older odours and stains, making professional intervention necessary.

Professional intervention approach:

Professionals address urine stains by first breaking down the urine crystals, then eliminating bacteria. Specialised chemistry is used to remove and replace lingering odours. It’s crucial to avoid over-wetting the carpet and assess potential subfloor damage.

Severity in repeated incidents:

Repeated incidents can lead to significant cholesterol buildup, requiring specialised treatment. Cat stains, for instance, might need multiple treatments compared to dog stains.

Avoiding common DIY mistakes:

Common DIY methods, like using under-sink disinfectants, are ineffective as they only mask odours for 12 to 24hrs without treating the root cause. Prompt action or professional consultation is essential for effective treatment and prevention.

Professional advice for future incidents:

Professionals not only clean but also provide guidance for future incidents, offering advice tailored to the specific fibre and condition of your carpet.

How to remove fresh urine from carpet


  • Implement health and safety measures listed above (nitrile gloves)
  • Blot with water: Apply water to a clean cloth or paper towels and blot the area.
  • White Wine Vinegar Solution: Apply a vinegar solution to a clean cloth or paper towels and blot the area. The solution can be made by mixing white wine vinegar with water (typically a 1:1 ratio).
  • Fresh Stains vs. Dried Stains: Urine stains are easier to remove when fresh. If the stain has dried, it can be much more challenging to eliminate.
  • Professional Help: If the stain persists or has dried, it will require professional carpet cleaning to fully remove.

Carpet cleaning pricing: What to expect?

The common carpet cleaning pricing format typically employs per room and per square metre rates. The information provided below serves as a general guide and represents the average rates for the Western Australian market.

The price of the services isn’t always a good indicator of the quality of work to expect and being able to Identifying the right service for your needs is important.

Premium carpet cleaning services

Premium services typically range between $60 to $100 plus per room, or $6 to $10 plus per square metre.

Services included:

Premium services usually offer a more thorough cleaning process, including advanced techniques with hot water extraction and encapsulation cleaning methods.

Quality assurance:

With premium services, you can expect businesses to have fully trained technicians who are qualified, and for the businesses to have insurance. They adhere to Australian standards (AS/NZS 3733:2018), These standards include comprehensive health and safety measures, ensuring that all cleaning processes are conducted with utmost care, leaving no harmful residues or cleaning argents behind, and maintaining the integrity and safety of your home environment. 


Choosing premium services often results in a more effective and lasting clean, preserving the integrity and appearance of your carpets. The thorough approach also helps to improve indoor air quality and can extend the lifespan of your carpets.

Customer service:

Premium service providers typically offer excellent customer service, including positive communication before the clean, tailored cleaning plans, and post-service follow-ups to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

3 Tips for choosing the right carpet cleaning professional for your carpets

1) Low prices, high risks

Be wary of services offering significantly low prices, as they might lack official training, relying solely on equipment purchase without expertise. These underqualified cleaners often skip crucial steps like pre-vacuuming, leading to substandard cleaning.

While they might claim to have insurance, it’s uncertain if they possess it. Their cleaning methods may not be using the correct chemistry, and the rushed job could potentially result in damage or inadequate cleaning techniques. Watch out for these warning signs when considering low-priced services.

2) Identifying the right service for your needs

The price of the services isn’t always a good indicator of the quality of work to expect. Assess your cleaning needs and make informed decisions by inquiring about training, adherence to Australian standards, insurance, and cleaning methods. While customer service is important, it should be considered alongside other quality indicators. Use these questions below to help identify a premium cleaning business:

1. Are you a member of the Carpet Cleaning Association of WA?

2. Do you have the necessary qualifications and training?

3. Does your business have comprehensive insurance coverage?

4. Do your technicians undergo police clearance checks?

5. Do you conduct pre-vacuuming before beginning the cleaning process?

6. Will you move furniture with protective sliders during the cleaning?

7. What carpet cleaning methods do you offer?

8. Can you clean wool carpets to the wool safe standard?

9. Where can I find your reviews?

10. What guarantee do you offer with your services?

3) Matching services to individual needs

Understanding the differences in pricing and service levels is key. While basic services can occasionally provide good value, premium services consistently offer detailed and compliant cleaning. It’s important to find a service which matches your requirements.

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How weather affects your carpet cleaning routine

Weather cycles significantly influence carpet cleaning routines. In spring, for instance, the influx of pollen and other allergens can require more thorough cleaning to maintain indoor air quality and allergen free carpets. The wet season presents its own challenges, as increased rainfall often leads to more mud and moisture being tracked indoors, especially in homes with active kids and pets.

This can increase the frequency of needed to maintain hygiene and prevent long-term damage to the carpet fibres. Similarly, holiday periods often see an increase in foot traffic, accelerating the accumulation of dirt and requiring more frequent cleanings.

Though weather conditions can pose challenges to carpet maintenance, their impact on the cleaning process can be effectively managed with professional care. Carpet cleaners, armed with the right equipment and expertise, can adjust their cleaning methods to accommodate environmental factors and insure good drying times.

Ensuring your carpet's longevity: Maintenance tips

Maintaining the longevity of your carpets, especially those made from natural fibres like wool, requires careful attention to avoid common issues such as fibre fuzzing. The key to preserving both natural and synthetic carpets lies in regular vacuuming – a crucial step in carpet care.

For wool carpets, it’s advisable to avoid stick vacuums and those with agitating heads, as they can damage the delicate fibres. On the other hand, synthetic carpets, made from filament fibres, are more resilient to such vacuums. However, insufficient vacuuming of synthetic carpets can lead to micro-scratches on the fibres, which, over time, become visibly irreversible.

For all carpet types, vacuuming at least once a week, and more frequently in high-traffic areas, is essential. Each type of carpet, whether synthetic or natural, requires its own specific maintenance approach.

Another crucial aspect of carpet maintenance is the strategic placement of mats. At doorways and high-traffic areas, mats can significantly reduce the amount of soil and debris tracked onto the carpet. Interestingly, it takes about 12 steps for most of the dirt on shoes to be dislodged, so placing mats can effectively capture this debris, enhancing your carpet’s longevity.

Additionally, keeping on top of immediate stain removal is vital. Having the right cleaning products on hand for quick action can prevent permanent staining.  Regular carpet cleaning is also recommended to eliminate fine dirt, dust, oils, and other contaminants that regular vacuuming can’t remove.

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